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moderna covid-19 vaccine

Opinion: Right policies can spur investment in African vaccines – James Kamau

Business Daily | by James Kamau Inadequacies in drug production and challenges posed by counterfeit and substandard products have often crippled access to medicines in Africa. To...

Opinion: Kibaki, a rich legacy in Kenya ICT drive – Bitange Ndemo

Business Daily | by Bitange Ndemo As Kenya says final goodbye Emilio Mwai Kibaki, this week, the nation is united in grief over the loss...

Opinion: Here are the options available for real estate sector in Kenya – Ruth...

Business Daily | by Ruth Nyasinga Following onset of Covid-19 scourge and subsequent lockdowns vacant offices, empty shopping malls and supermarkets, restaurants, silent bars, and...

Opinion: Key policy areas the next regime should prioritise – George Wachira

Business Daily | by George Wachira With the coming of a new government in August, Kenya will have an opportunity to set new socioeconomic development...
nairobi city county

Opinion: Kenya needs competition in professional services sector – Gideon Mokaya

Business Daily | by Gideon Mokaya The importance of professional service providers in the Kenyan economy cannot be overstated. For instance, to build a quality...

Opinion: Kenya needs a competitiveness plan – Bitange Ndemo

Business Daily | by Bitange Ndemo Irrespective of who takes over the tenancy at State House after the August 9 General Election, the country is...
kq, kenya airways, national aviation management bill

Opinion: KQ turnaround must rise above State bailouts – Otieno Panya

Business Daily | by Otieno Panya Air transport plays a key role in many economies. In Kenya, the Vision 2030 blueprint aims at positioning the...

Opinion: High gas prices a supply chain problem – Jiandi Kisero

Business Daily | by Jiandi Kisero In December 2021, I bought a 13kg cooking gas at Sh1,500. The other day, I did it at Sh3,500...