Meta’s co-accused Sama to retain B Corp status until case is determined

[Image credit: The Sun]

Tech Crunch | by Annie Njanja

Meta’s main subcontractor for content moderation in Africa, Sama, will retain its B Corp certification until the case against it in Kenya, over claims of union busting and exploitation, is determined. The referenced case, which also includes allegations against Meta, was filed in May this year by Daniel Motaung, a former content moderator in the East African country.

The corporate responsibility group, B Lab, told TechCrunch that the decision to uphold Sama’s certification was made after its standards management team concluded an initial review of allegations against the company, as captured in a Time magazine article, and following similar complaints received through its complaint process.

The B Corp status is a stamp of approval for companies seen to meet high standards of transparency, performance and accountability, taking into account several factors including employee welfare, company structure and work process. The status is arguably one of the reasons Sama says it’s an ethical AI company…

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