Opinion: Devolution work in progress with unfulfilled goals – George Wachira

View of the skyline of Nairobi, Kenya with Uhuru Park in the foreground.

Business Daily | by George Wachira

Devolution was in my opinion the most notable change in the 2010 constitutional enhancements and with it came elevated expectations by Kenyans. After two terms of nearly ten years, there is debate as to whether county governments have sufficiently delivered on their mandates.

Questions also linger as to whether lessons learned in the past ten years will make voters wiser in electing the third cycle of county governments.

However, what is not in contention is that devolution motivated and mobilised many Kenyans to move their capital, expertise, and even domicile to counties to pursue what they correctly believed were unexplored and unexploited opportunities.

Investors saw county governments as centers of focus for economic development providing systems to nurture and multiply investor participation…

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