Opinion: Does the taxpayer need KEMSA? – Tony Watima

[Source: Business Daily, by Tony Watima]

“Attempting to profit from a disaster that is claiming the lives of our people everyday is the action of scavengers. It is like a pack of hyenas circling wounded prey.”

Those stinging words are from South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa when his government was hit with tender scandal in the procurement of Covid-related products and services. The graft involved overpricing, substandard products and services delivered and giving tenders to those connected to government and the ruling party.

The South African Public Protector has moved in to launch a probe and the President himself is taking an unprecedented step of publishing the full list of Covid-19 tenders and companies that secure those tenders and contracts for public scrutinize and also name and shame those sucking life out of the more than 500,000 Covid cases…

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