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Friday, March 5, 2021

Weekly Op-Eds

Articles by sector experts on various issues making the news

Opinion: Professionalizing family businesses – Mike Eldon

Business Daily | by Mike Eldon Four years ago I wrote a column on the intergenerational challenges facing family businesses, admiring the way those who...

Opinion: Speculation in land hurting affordable housing scheme – Edward Kariuki

Business Daily | by Edward Kariuki Affordable housing in Kenya will remain a pipe dream if the problem of land speculation and hoarding is not...

Opinion: Give youth a reason to believe in State recruitment again – Ibrahim Mwathane

Business Daily | by Ibrahim Mwathane The depth to which our youth have lost faith in recruitment ought to worry Kenya. This should worry human...

Opinion: Nairobi can tap free satellite data to soar – Bonface Osoro

Business Daily | by Bonface Osoro The use of navigation technology in making intelligent decisions has existed since the first civilisation. Humans have migrated from the...

Opinion: Key role of SMEs in taming emerging markets inequality – Soromfe Uzomah

Business Daily | by Soromfe Uzomah One of the great challenges of the 21st Century is the need to reduce poverty levels and economic inequality...

Opinion: Increasing number of MPs wasteful – Jiandi Kisero

Business Daily | by Jiandi Kisero In terms of the economy, Kenya is ready to fly. But we must first graduate from the bad politics...

Opinion: Beware the power of BigFintechs – Bitange Ndemo

Business Daily | by Bitange Ndemo Technology and digitalisation continue to re-shape the world of finance. The relentless changes the digital economy presents are giving...

Opinion: Bioeconomy is central to growth revival post-Covid – Jacqueline McGlade

Business Daily | by Jacqueline McGlade As the world is grappling on how to adopt the new ways of enhancing economic growth post Covid-19, the...